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Hair Removal with the Latest Technology Lasers

A long-term hair removal solution. Safe, fast and painless treatment with MeDioStar (2022 y.) lasers.

About the Procedure

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Bikini (full/partial) + armpits
Lower legs + bikini (full/partial) + armpits
Legs (lower + upper) + bikini + armpits
Full body + face
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More About This Treatment

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. It is considered to be a safe and probably the most effective way to get rid of unwanted body hair.

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What Should You Know About Laser Hair Removal?

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What happens during the procedure?2020-06-01T14:09:04+03:00

Before choosing a laser specialist, make sure that the procedure will be performed at a licensed medical facility.
Before the treatment, the specialist will conduct a full consultation and evaluate your hair color, structure, skin condition to decide whether this method is suitable for you.
At the beginning of the treatment, the specialist will divide the depilatory area into zones with a white pencil (after shaving it with a disposable razor, if necessary), apply a colorless, odorless water-based gel, and start hair removal. During the procedure, the specialist will ask you to wear safety goggles.
The hair removal laser tip is cooled down, so you should not feel any pain. Some clients feel slight tingling, tickling, but usually only a cold sensation. Some depilatory areas are more sensitive to pain on an individual basis, so be sure to tell the specialist if you experience pain, which can be reduced by cooling the area being treated more or by reducing the power of the pulses.

Is the treatment painful?2020-06-01T14:04:16+03:00

According to clients, the procedure performed with this laser is not painful. Cold sensation and slight tingling are most commonly felt, but this cannot be described as pain. If the procedure is performed in more sensitive areas and you feel severe discomfort, inform the practitioner and the power of the device will be reduced.

How is this hair removal laser different from other hair removal methods?2020-06-01T14:02:43+03:00

Some practitioners mistakenly equate photoepilation (IPL) with laser hair removal. The light emitted during photoepilation is of different wavelengths, incoherent and acts on the surface of the skin, so its efficiency is significantly lower than that of lasers. In addition, there is a higher risk of complications with photoepilation. Meanwhile, the light emitted by lasers is coherent, its beam is not scattered and it is tuned to enter the required layer of skin and directly affect the hair follicle.

The popularity of diode lasers has been increasing recently. Not only are these lasers of similar efficiency as Nd:YAG and Alexandrite, but they also cause fewer complications. Moreover, thanks to its unique cooling technology, Sapphire laser removes hair painlessly. Its laser beam acts deeply in the skin and does not affect melanocytes, making it suitable for both lighter and darker skin, and very rarely results with pigmentation disorders.

How to prepare for the procedure?2020-06-01T14:00:51+03:00

Hair should not be rooted out (e.g. waxing, epilating or using tweezers) for 4-6 weeks before the procedure, the treated area can only be shaved. Before the procedure, we recommend shaving the chosen area, so the treatment will be faster and painless. Also, before laser hair removal the hair cannot be bleached.
Self-tanning products should not be used during the course of treatments. Sun protection is required at least 3 days before and 3 days after each procedure. Maximum hygiene of the treated area is required before and after the procedure.
It is always necessary to inform the specialist performing the laser procedure about the medications used, especially hormonal ones.

When is the procedure not performed?2020-06-01T13:59:47+03:00

Laser hair removal is not possible during pregnancy and lactation due to changing hormones. Other cases include epilepsy, oncological diseases, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Complications may occur in case the client is using antibiotics, certain drugs or cosmetics containing photosensitizers. The procedure is not performed immediately after intense sunbathing. Also, hair cannot be removed with a laser if there is a tattoo in the selected area. Information on possible side effects will be provided in detail by our specialist during the consultation before the treatment.

What laser is used during the procedure?2022-05-23T15:14:32+03:00

We use brand new 2022 Asclepion MeDioStar Monolith German hair removal lasers are some of the most efficient, fastest and most powerful devices on the market. The built-in 360 ° skin cooling system allows the procedure to be performed safely and painlessly. This hair removal laser is distinguished by its ability to operate at 810 nm, 940 nm and 755 nm alexandrite wavelengths, destroying not only the hair follicle but also the capillary that feeds this follicle during the procedure. This ensures the efficiency and speed of the procedure and greater patient comfort than ever before.
In order to remove hair with extreme precision, we use 2 types of handpieces in these lasers: 10 cm2 Monolith XL handpiece for fast hair removal in larger areas and extremely precise and super fast 1 cm2 Monolith S handpiece for even greater precision in intimate areas. We use both of these tips to achieve best possible results on the whole body.

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