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One the most powerful Fotona Alexandrite lasers in Lithuania are already at REVÙ CLINIC! The only ones in Lithuania, ULTRA modern and extremely efficient, 31 kW of power!

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Bikini + armpits68€*
Lower legs + bikini + armpits
Full legs + bikini + armpits
Full body without face
Full body + face
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* Price for 1 treatment when purchasing a package of 8
* Full or partial bikini epilation – the same price for both
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Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Packages
Prices of single areas – here

Body areas1468BUY
Bikini + armpits83€77€ 67€ 61€
Lower legs + bikini + armpits148€128€ 108€ 98€
Full legs + bikini + armpits158€138€ 118€ 108€
Full legs + bikini OR armpits148€138€ 118€ 98€
Full legs98€89€ 80€ 71€
Lower legs + bikini OR armpits99€90€ 81€ 72€
Arms + bikini OR armpits86€78€ 68€ 58€
Full body + face198€178€ 158€ 148€
Full body WITHOUT face188€168€ 148€ 138€
For men: armpits + shoulders + back119€109€ 99€ 89€
For men: armpits + chest + abdomen139€129€ 119€ 109€
For men: back + chest + abdomen149€139€ 129€ 119€
For men: shoulders + back + chest + abdomen + armpits169€159€ 149€ 139€

Which BIKINI laser hair removal should you choose?
The same price for any choice!

Full or Hollywood bikini. Hair is removed completely from the bikini area, including between the buttocks.

Brazilian – this is a full bikini, leaving only a narrow strip at the pubic area. The buttock area is also completely removed.

Partial or classic bikini. During the procedure, hair is removed along the line of regular panties.

More about FOTONA Alexandrite treatments

Fotona Alexandrite laser is like a breath of fresh air in the entire alexandrite market. This laser is a combination of modern technology with great energy, achieving the best efficiency and ensuring maximum comfort.

Even 31 kW of power! Compared to other widely used Alexandrite lasers in Lithuania, it is Fotona Alexandrite that stands out for its power!

What should you know about FOTONA Alexandrite laser hair removal?

What is unique and innovative about Fotona Alexandrite technology?2024-04-08T12:52:02+03:00

The creators of Fotona Alexandrite have created a unique technology – an automatic scanner. This almost robotic tool can fully cover an area of up to 64 cm2 in a few seconds, making pulses with precision and accuracy. When working with the scanner, the surface of the skin is covered extremely precisely, without missing even the smallest gap, but accidental duplication of pulses or unnecessary overlapping is also avoided. In addition, the scanner “scatters” the pulses in the procedure area, so that the adjacent pulses are not one after the other. This allows for even greater safety and greatly reduces the risk of burns.

What makes the Fotona Alexandrite laser different from others?2024-04-08T12:44:54+03:00

Fotona Alexandrite laser is a real breakthrough in the aesthetic medicine market. This device is probably not only the most powerful Fotona Alexandrite laser in Lithuania, but also a safer choice than its predecessors due to the risks of burns and pigmentation.

First of all, the unique DMC cooling system ensures comfortable and safe procedures. Other Alexandrite lasers typically use a stream of cold air or spray cryogen onto the skin, which can pose a risk of skin frostbite.

Another feature is the Avalanche technique, which instead of the usual point method, when all the power is concentrated in one shot, generates many small pulses. This significantly reduces discomfort and the risk of side effects (burns, changes in pigmentation).

One of the most expensive Alexandrite lasers in Lithuania!2024-04-08T12:43:35+03:00

Fotona Alexandrite is not only extremely powerful and rich in technology, but it is also one of the most expensive Alexandrite lasers in Lithuania. The price of a complete set of this laser exceeds 100,000 euros, so usually only luxury and large clinics can afford this device. In this case, the price of the laser fully reflects its quality!

Until now, I have done Diode laser treatments. Can I switch to Alexandrite?2024-04-08T12:42:38+03:00

The main difference between Alexandrite and Diode lasers is the wavelength. Alexandrite laser (755 nm) works not so deep in the skin, but it is well absorbed by the melanin in the hair. The Diode laser (810 nm) works deeper and is safer if the skin is of a slightly darker shade. According to scientific studies, both Diode and Alexandrite lasers are very effective, but due to certain characteristics of the hair or skin, such as the depth of the follicle in the skin, one or the other option may be more effective for some people. Therefore, if you have performed the procedures with one technology and hair regrowth persists, you can try laser hair removal with another technology. That is why REVÙ CLINIC can offer laser procedures of both these technologies!

Who is the Alexandrite laser suitable for?2024-04-08T12:40:57+03:00

Alexandrite laser hair removal is suitable for almost all adults who want to get rid of unwanted body hair. This procedure is especially useful for those suffering from permanent hair growth, skin irritation, and rashes after shaving. However, there is currently no laser on the market that can affect extremely light, gray hair, so customers with light skin and dark hair can expect the maximum result.

When can laser hair removal not be performed?2024-04-08T12:39:41+03:00

Alexandrite laser hair removal is not performed on pregnant women, people suffering from oncological diseases (after 5 years of remission – the procedure can usually be performed after consulting with your oncologist), people with epilepsy, people taking certain medications. Such a procedure will also not be performed on or near the tattoo. The specialist evaluates each case individually, so after evaluating the health history, it can recommended to postpone the treatment.

You may have to postpone the procedure or choose a milder laser mode if the skin is permanently tanned or pigmented. In this case, the specialist can advise you to choose a laser of a different wavelength (eg Diode).

We are also often asked if the procedure can be performed on breastfeeding women. Although this is not a strict contraindication, hormones are still fluctuating during breastfeeding, which greatly affects the effectiveness of the treatment, so the woman herself should decide whether to perform the procedure now or postpone it for a later time.

How to prepare for the laser hair removal procedure?2024-04-08T12:37:37+03:00

Preparation for laser hair removal is not complicated:

  • Do not use epilators, depilation wax, tweezers or other hair plucking tools for at least 4 weeks before the procedure – you can only shave the selected areas;
  • At least 2 weeks before the procedure and 2 weeks after it, avoid direct sunlight or use SPF50, do not use self-tanning products;
  • On the same day or the day before the procedure, be sure to cleanly shave the areas where hair will be removed by laser;
  • Before the visit and at least a few days after it, avoid new, previously untried creams, other cosmetics and ensure the hygiene of these areas;
  • During the visit, be sure to inform the specialist about your health history, current and past illnesses, medications, food supplements you take – this can determine the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.
What happens during the treatment?2024-04-08T12:35:48+03:00

The first appointment always begins with a short consultation, during which the specialist will answer your questions, assess the condition of the skin and hair, and ask questions about the health history and medications used.

Then the Alexandrite laser hair removal begins – the laser tip is directed to the selected part of the body, where the pulses are evenly distributed. The modern patented DMC cooling technology evenly cools the skin during the entire procedure, thus ensuring maximum comfort. It is recommended to wear safety glasses during the entire procedure. To ensure your safety, choose only licensed medical facilities for such procedures.

What results can be expected after the Alexandrite laser hair removal procedure?2024-04-08T12:30:00+03:00

During the laser pulse, the hair follicle is destroyed and in most cases, the dead hair is removed immediately after the procedure, or is pushed out of the skin by itself within about 2 weeks. The course of procedures usually consists of an average of 6-8 treatments performed every 4-7 weeks, the periodicity of which will be recommended by a specialist, taking into account the condition of the skin and hair. After completing the course of laser hair removal, maintenance procedures are recommended approximately 1-2 times a year to eliminate newly formed hair follicles. Both the required course of procedures and the periodicity of maintenance procedures are extremely individual, because hair growth depends on a multitude of factors in the body: genetics, hormones, drugs used, food supplements, lack or excess of certain substances in the body, tanning habits, compliance with the recommendations of specialists, etc.

What is the required course of procedures?2024-04-08T12:28:32+03:00

An average of 6-8 treatments are usually recommended, performed every 4-7 weeks. The final number of procedures depends on the characteristics of each organism, is individual and it is often difficult to predict in advance how many procedures will be required to achieve the final result. After completing the course of procedures, maintenance procedures are recommended approximately 1-2 times a year.

How does laser hair removal work?2024-04-08T12:27:47+03:00

The purpose of depilation with the Alexandrite laser is to destroy the hair follicle so that no more hair grows from it. The dark pigment in the hair absorbs the laser energy, which permanently destroys the hair follicle. Each hair goes through several growth phases – anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and telogen (rest). All hair removal lasers are effective only on hair follicles in the anagen phase, which is why one treatment is not enough and the visit usually needs to be repeated an average of 6 times every 1-2 months.

Unique cooling system for maximum safety and comfort2024-04-08T12:25:41+03:00

For maximum safety and comfort of the procedure, the Fotona Alexandrite laser uses the unique “Dry Spray Molecular Cooling Technology (DMC™)” integrated in the handpiece, so no additional cooling or analgesia is required. This revolutionary technology uses room temperature air and distilled water, so unlike other Alexandrite lasers, there is no risk of overcooling the skin or causing possible frostbite. 

Advantages of DMC technology:

  • Ensures effective cooling of the skin, allows it to cool down faster;
  • Non-contact, uniform cooling of the skin in both large and small areas;
  • Eliminates unpleasant odor;

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