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Advanced VelaShape III for Effective Cellulite Reduction

VelaShape III is the latest, gold-standard, non-invasive and highly effective tool for reducing the signs of cellulite, circumference and firming the skin.

About the VelaShape III Treatment

Most Popular VelaShape III Procedures

30 min
30 min
Both thighs
60 min
Both thighs + buttocks
90 min

Why Is Velashape III So Effective?

The mechanism of action of VelaShape III is a combination of three types of energy:

What Should You Know about VelaShape III?

Velashape III anticeliulitinis irenginys
How to identify original VelaShape device from a fake one?2020-10-27T14:44:01+02:00

Recently, more and more counterfeits of the VelaShape device have been appearing in Lithuania, disguising this gold standard procedure. Such forgeries are usually without security certificates and are handled by untrained personnel. Therefore, when protecting yourself, choose only licensed medical institutions and specialists with medical education. How to identify the original VelaShape III device:

  • The model name is visible on the front of the device – VelaShape III;
  • The front of the device features the illuminated Syneron logo;
  • VelaShape III has a unique shape of the device itself;
  • The patented name of this device is VelaShape III, its name does not contain any additional signs or letters such as “VS”, “+”, etc .;
  • Only the original device is FDA and CE certified, it is recognized worldwide as the gold standard;
  • With this device, procedures are usually performed by physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, in general, specialists with medical education.
What happens during and after the VelaShape III treatment?2020-06-01T15:56:42+03:00

Before choosing a specialist, make sure that the procedure will be performed at a licensed medical institution with the original VelaShape III device.

Before the procedure, the specialist will assess your problem areas and explain the procedure, probable results as well as common side effects. At this time you should inform the specialist about your health problems, illnesses or medications you are taking.

Later, the problem area will be smeared with a special cream and the procedure will be started with a VelaShape III device. The VContour or VSmooth applicator, depending on the area, is pressed against the body and the treatment begins. The heat felt during it usually does not cause severe discomfort, the warm sensation can be felt a few hours after the procedure.

The skin may be slightly reddened for a few hours after the treatment, and some clients may experience minor bruising. Immediately after the procedure, normal activities can be resumed as there is no downtime period. Drink plenty of water after the procedure so the fat cells would be removed faster.

Who is VelaShape III suitable for?2020-06-01T15:55:13+03:00

The procedure is suitable for men and women of all ages who want to reduce body volume or cellulite. VelaShape III is especially effective for clients who eat healthy and do sports regularly, however, have several problem areas that do not disappear in the usual way.

The procedure is not performed in cases of pregnancy, diabetes, varicose veins.

VelaShape III treatment is most commonly used for the thighs, buttocks, arms, abdomen, back areas. Men usually choose this method for hip, leg, back, neck, arm circumference correction. The procedure can be performed at any time of the year for clients of all skin types.

How to prepare for VelaShape III procedure?2020-06-01T15:54:14+03:00

Avoid taking blood thinners for at least a week before the procedure, otherwise bruising may occur more quickly. Also, maintain the hygiene of the area selected for the treatment, do not use body creams, lotions or self-tanning products on the day of the procedure, if necessary, shave this area before the visit, do not depilate it for at least a week before to avoid irritated skin.

What is the course of VelaShape III treatment?2020-06-01T14:50:54+03:00

Already after the first procedure, clients tend to notice that the skin surface has become smoother, firmer. For best results, a course of 3-6 procedures should be performed approximately weekly. Subsequently, maintenance procedures should be performed periodically to maintain the achieved results.

Although VelaShape III shows excellent results in reducing volume, it does not eliminate the causes of cellulite formation, so for long-term results we recommend consulting our dietitians, endocrinologists and physiotherapists.

What results can be expected with VelaShape III?2020-06-01T14:50:10+03:00

Already after the first procedure, a smoother and firmer skin surface is usually noticeable. Following a course of treatments, a reduction in the circumference of the problem area can be expected. For best results, VelaShape procedures should be combined with a healthy diet and physical activity.

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