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Therapeutic Full Body Massage

Great solution for your health, wellbeing, stress reduction and body problems.

About the Procedure


Therapeutic body massage
around 60 min.
Therapeutic back massage
around 30 min.
Lymphatic drainage massage (by hands)
Anti-cellulite massage
Massages performed only in REVÙ CLINIC Kaunas.

Why choose therapeutic massage?

Massage is a manipulation of the soft tissues of the body by hand to restore their function and prevent their disorders. Therapeutic massage can relieve pain, reduce the impact of stress on the body and simply improve your overall well-being.

Gydomasis masažas

What should you know about therapeutic massage?

What results can be expected after a course of massages?2020-06-02T12:28:25+03:00

During the course of massage it is possible to reduce muscle tension, restore proportional muscle function, relieve pain in the neck, back, head and other areas as well as eliminate its causes. Massage therapy is especially suitable for people with musculoskeletal disorders (osteochondrosis, arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, etc.), the ones who are preparing for or already had joint prosthesis, spinal surgery, people suffering from post-traumatic pain or just willing to restore required functions.

When is it not recommended to have a massage?2020-06-02T12:23:42+03:00

Therapeutic massage is not performed on pregnant women unless such treatment is recommended by a gynaecologist (usually during the second trimester). Also, massage is not performed on patients with skin or infectious diseases as well as in the event of rashes.

How to prepare for a massage treatment?2020-06-02T12:23:01+03:00

Drink plenty of water before and especially after the massage. This helps the body eliminate toxins faster, promotes cellular regeneration and ensures well-being.

How is the therapeutic massage performed?2020-06-02T12:22:39+03:00

During the first visit, a specialist examines the condition of the musculoskeletal, nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems, the reaction of these systems to massage movements, and checks the condition of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. That is how the practitioner assesses the problem areas, factors or habits affecting them and recommends further individualized treatment.
During the treatments various massage techniques are used, including classical, segmental, point, deep muscle, sports massage elements, which are combined for each client’s needs. Therefore, the process and methods of each client are individually tailored to solve or avoid particular health problems.

How many massage treatments are recommended?2020-06-02T12:21:51+03:00

During the first visit, the practitioner will create a treatment plan and recommend a cycle of treatments or options for combining them with other procedures. Serious problems usually require a 6-10 massages cycle, sometimes it is recommended to combine massage with physiotherapy or consult additional doctors.

How is therapeutic massage different from others?2020-06-02T12:21:08+03:00

Therapeutic massage is medically based and tested, therefore, specialists require medical training. It is used commonly to address or prevent various health problems and pains. This treatment can be used both as a main treatment for various conditions and as a part of a complex treatment.

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