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Precise Liposuction for an Ideal Figure

A modern and extremely accurate way of liposuction with VASER Lipo.

About the Treatment


Consultation of a plastic surgeon
Eyelid surgery
from 1400€
Protruding ear surgery
from 1100€
Double chin reduction (liposuction)
from 1500€
Tummy tuck
from 3800€
Gynecomastia surgery (for men)
from 2600€
Skin formations removal (surgical)
from 250€
Bichat fat removal
VASER Lipo body sculpting
from 3300€
from 4500€
Breast lift and augmentation with implants/fat
from 5300€
Brow lift
Lip lift

About Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most common esthetic procedures in the world. During liposuction specially treated adipose tissue is removed by “suction” at certain areas of the body.

Like other medical procedures, liposuction techniques are constantly evolving, becoming more precise and safer. One of the safest and most advanced trends at the moment is the use of ultrasound in liposuction surgeries.

Riebalų nusiurbimo operacija

What Else Should You Know About Liposuction?

How is VASER lipo different from laser liposuction?2021-04-29T18:02:54+03:00

In the evolution of liposuction procedures, VASER lipo is more advanced than its predecessor – laser liposuction. Its transducer distributes thermal energy much wider and more evenly than the laser beam, so fat is dissolved more evenly, with less risk of burns and other complications. In addition, the device “vibrates” during the procedure, which makes it easier to separate the liquefied fat from the surrounding tissues and mix it with a special solution injected under the skin, making the procedure even more efficient, simpler and safer.

Are the results permanent?2021-04-29T18:02:31+03:00

Numerous clinical studies have shown that after liposuction, the body tends to recover lost fat, often in areas other than the treated ones, and in some cases even at the expense of visceral fat (on the internal organs). Therefore, it is important to understand that a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity are necessary after liposuction.

In which areas can liposuction be performed?2021-04-29T18:01:58+03:00

Arms, chest area (eg. gynecomastia), double chin, neck, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs.

What to expect immediately after surgery?2021-04-29T18:01:33+03:00

After the operation, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding hygiene, medication as well as prevention of infection. Healing is accelerated and the results are improved by early rehabilitation – light physical activity and lymphatic drainages. However, in each individual case, it is necessary to consult your doctor.
The best results can be expected 6 weeks after liposuction, when the tissues heal and swelling passes.

How to prepare for liposuction surgery?2021-04-29T18:01:08+03:00

First, discuss any concerns and expectations as well as the desired outcomes with your plastic surgeon. It is necessary to mention your medications, health problems, allergies as well as addictions if you have any. It is recommended to adjust your lifestyle at least a month before the operation – to give up smoking, eat healthy and exercise. Your doctor may recommend that you stop taking blood thinners or replace them.

How is the surgery performed?2021-04-29T18:00:46+03:00

First of all, a special solution is injected into the treated area, which not only causes local anesthesia, but also constricts blood vessels and “inflates” the fat cells. This makes the liposuction easier, protects the surrounding tissues and reduces bleeding. After preparing the operation area, small incisions are made and a special transducer is inserted under the skin which generates ultrasound and vibration, thus liquefying the fat, separating it from the surrounding tissues and safely removing it through an integrated cannula.

Is liposuction surgery suitable for everyone?2021-04-29T18:00:22+03:00

Liposuction surgery is a cosmetic procedure, so it is not suitable for weight loss. The best results can be expected if the patient is close to their ideal weight but has annoying fat deposits that do not disappear with the help of diet or physical activity. A person planning a liposuction surgery should be relatively healthy and have no addictions. It is important to tell the surgeon about any medications, allergies as well as past or present health problems.

Can the extracted fat be used to improve other parts of the body?2021-04-29T17:59:41+03:00

The extracted fat cells can be used for fat grafting. Fat may be transplanted to various areas of the body – breasts, buttocks or face.

What anesthesia is used during the surgery?2021-04-29T17:59:16+03:00

Compared to other liposuction methods, VASER lipo is significantly less invasive, often performed using only local anesthesia. This results in less discomfort to the patient, shorter postoperative period, faster healing, more safety during the surgery. In some cases, such as at the patient’s request or when working in a wider area, general anesthesia or sedation is used.

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