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Stop the Signs of Aging with Facial Thread Lift

Intermediate between surgical face lift and minimally invasive face procedures.

About the Procedure


Cost of short threads
from 70€
Cost of long threads
from 100€
The final cost of the procedure depends on the product used and its quantity.

What Is Thread Lift?

We lose adipose tissue in the face as well as the elasticity of the skin with aging. This process slowly causes the skin to sag, wrinkles appear. Thread lift helps to subtly yet visibly lift the sagging facial skin.

What Else Should You Know About Thread Lift?

What regime should I follow after the procedure?2020-06-01T10:52:29+03:00

Immediately after thread lift, the face may be red, swollen and slightly sensitive. These symptoms usually disappear within a few days. It is recommended to avoid intensive exercise around the clock, but after that you will be able to return to your daily routine.

It is important to avoid sudden temperature changes, also rubbing and squeezing the treated area for at least a week after the procedure. For about three weeks you should not massage your face or open your mouth widely (e.g. at the dentist). During the first week it is recommended to sleep on the back.

What threads are used?2020-06-01T10:49:43+03:00

Thin threads which are absorbed (dissolve) over time are used during the procedure. There are two types of threads: one-way or two-way. They have tiny barbs that attach to the skin tissues to lift and lock them.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia – the anesthetic is injected according to the intended course of the thread. The threads are inserted with long needles, then they are lifted and attached under the skin.

Who should not get thread lift?2020-06-01T10:45:47+03:00

The procedure cannot be performed if you have chronic conditions (such as diabetes, blood and coagulation disorders), also if you are on blood thinners, or if there are any signs of infection at the treatment area. The effect may be insufficient on obese people, as well as those with thick and non-flexible skin.

What are possible complications?2020-06-01T10:44:57+03:00

Thread lift is usually a safe procedure, but in order to reduce the risk of possible complications, it is essential to choose a licensed clinic and an experienced technician. The most common complications are asymmetry and infection. Sometimes clients complain of skin numbness at the treated area, but this symptom usually disappears spontaneously within weeks.

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