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Minimally Invasive Face Contouring

Highlight the best features of your face and reveal your beauty right away.

About the Procedure


Jawline contouring
from 400€
Cheek augmentation
from 319€
Thread lift
from 70€
The final cost of the procedure depends on the product used and its quantity.

What Is the Purpose of Face Contouring?

Faces with pronounced cheeks and chin as well as square jaw line look proportional, sympathetic and youthful. Unfortunately, some people do not have expressed facial features from birth, in other cases the shape of the face changes with age, as facial adipose tissue is lost and bone resorption occurs.

What Else Should You Know About Face Contouring Procedures?

How is the procedure performed?2020-06-01T10:18:18+03:00

Before the procedure, you will discuss your individual expectations, options, illnesses and medications you are taking with your specialist. The specialist will suggest the treatment methods, preparations and techniques that are best for you individually. Injections are given under local anesthesia or using a topical anesthetic. Some fillers already contain lidocaine.

What kind of fillers are used during this procedure?2020-06-01T10:15:14+03:00

Non-surgical cheek, chin and jawline augmentation requires hard and stable fillers, therefore Hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are used during this treatment.

Who cannot get the procedure?2020-06-01T10:08:20+03:00

Non-surgical face contouring is not suitable if you have such chronic conditions like blood and clotting disorders, diabetes, some autoimmune diseases. The procedure is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. You should delay the visit if you are on blood thinners, if there are rash or signs of infection at the injection site. Be sure to alert your doctor of allergies and illnesses you may have as well as medications you are taking.

What are possible complications?2020-06-01T10:03:11+03:00

For best results and safety, be sure to choose ONLY a licensed clinic and experienced technician. An improperly performed procedure might damage the symmetry of the face, also it can lead to dangerous complications: tissue necrosis, inflammation or bumps. Injections in our clinic are performed only by professional and experienced medical specialists, also the products used are modern, certified and of high quality.

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