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Protruding Ear Surgery for Facial Harmony

A minimally invasive and rapid correction of prominent ears.

About the Treatment


Consultation of a plastic surgeon
Eyelid surgery
Protruding ear surgery
from 900€
Double chin reduction (liposuction)
from 1300€
Tummy tuck
from 3800€
Gynecomastia surgery (for men)
from 2200€
Skin formations removal (surgical)
from 250€
Skin formations removal (surgical)
from 250€
Bichat fat removal
VASER Lipo body sculpting
from 3300€
from 4500€
Brow lift
Lip lift

What to expect?

Otoplasty is a way to restore ear symmetry and facial proportions. The invasiveness of the procedure is selected individually, according to the anatomy of the ears and the main cause of the protrusion.
Protruding ears are a problem that can cause serious psychological consequences, loss of self-esteem as well as constant emotional discomfort. The problem might be relevant to children and their parents, as well as adults, both men and women. The most suitable treatment is selected depending on the mechanism of ear protrusion and other individual characteristics.

Atlėpusių ausų korekcija

What Else Should You Know About This Treatment?

When is it possible to return to normal activities?2021-04-29T16:47:19+03:00

It depends on the extension of the operation. After a minimally invasive ear correction, you can return to normal activities after 2 days. Still, the surgeon may recommend wearing a special band on the ears for at least a week (later on – only at nights, for about a month) as well as sleep with your head raised for a while. It is also recommended to avoid strenuous activities or contact sports for some time. If the otoplasty is more extensive, the postoperative period may be longer and more complicated.

Is it possible to correct prominent ears without anesthesia?2021-04-29T16:46:56+03:00

General anesthesia is most commonly used in young children or when complex otoplasty is needed. Minimally invasive corrections are usually performed under local anesthesia.

Is it always possible to perform an incisionless otoplasty?2021-04-29T16:46:33+03:00

Whether an incisionless correction is possible, depends on individual anatomical features. The most suitable method of correction is selected after an extensive consultation with the plastic surgeon.

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