A modern way to build pelvic floor muscles with the EMSELLA

It’s a world renowned inovation for intimate health, called the Kegel’s throne.

About the treatment


1 EMSELLA Treatment

EMSELLA – a safe, effective, painless and non-invasive treatment

A modern, non-invasive, integrated with patented HIFEM technology device, which is exceptionally designed for intimate health. It helps to upgrade sexual life, restore tightness in pelvic floor muscles and treat urinary incontinence.

What Should You Know About the EMSELLA Treatments?

How to prepare for EMSELLA treatment?2021-10-03T14:27:22+03:00

You don’t need to prepare before the treatment or do anything different after the procedure. Immediately after you have finished the treatment, you can get back to a regular life regime. It is recommended to wear clothes that are loose and have been made of light, thin material, while having the treatment. Procedure cannot be performed during menstruation.

How long does the effect last for?2021-10-03T14:26:54+03:00

While doing the research, it has been proven that results are rapidly improving for almost a month after the last treatment and if patients keep a healthy lifestyle, results can last for around 12 months. Kegel’s exercises at home, following procedures and healthy lifestyle can help to make the results last longer.

What kind of contraindications are applied for EMSELLA treatment?2021-10-03T14:26:16+03:00

Patients cannot get EMSELLA treatment done if they have any kind of metal, magnetically sensitive object in their body. Such as, heart stimulator, metal implants (with exception for teeth), metal uterine coil, etc. As well as, during pregnancy, having active oncological diseases and severe respiratory failure. It is not recommended to have treatment done during menstruation as it may increase the bleeding.

Is EMSELLA treatment effective for men?2021-10-03T14:25:31+03:00

Yes, EMSELLA treatment is highly popular amongst men, who experience problems with erection, ejaculatory disorder, stress type urinary incontinence or are after prostate surgery. By strengthening pelvic floor muscles their dependent urinary incontinence is reduced, pelvic blood flow is increased, which more often than not improves sexual function and fertility.

How does EMSELLA work?2021-10-03T14:24:49+03:00

The device has an integrated HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic technology) working principle. Electromagnetic field affects motor neurons and therefore creates contractions of pelvic floor muscles. Impulses are being generated at a very high frequency. Because of that, muscle contractions are way stronger compared to what could be achieved by doing exercises without any help. 6 EMSELLA treatments can be compared to doing Kegel’s exercises correctly everyday for almost one year. EMSELLA treatment is safe and effective, approved by FDA and CE certificates and used across the world.

Can EMSELLA treat any kind of urinary incontinence?2021-10-03T14:23:48+03:00

EMSELLA treatments are designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. For this reason it is best to treat urinary incontinence cases, which are directly connected to strength and tone of these muscles. Such as, stress type urinary incontinence and mixed type urinary incontinence. The degree of urinary incontinence is also very important: best results have been noticed in patients, which have mild to medium degrees of urinary incontinence.

How many treatments will be needed?2021-10-03T14:23:06+03:00

Recommended course is 6 treatments 2 – 7 days apart to reach best results. In some cases more treatments might be needed, depending on individual differences.

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