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Modern Solutions to Treat Hair Loss

Proven hair loss treatments for thicker and healthier hair of your dreams.

About the Procedures


PRP therapy for hair loss
from 109€
Hair mesotherapy
from 49€
Dr. Cyj hair filler
from 109€
HairRestart laser treatment

What Are the Most Popular Methods?

Hair loss is not just a cosmetic problem. This disorder depends on many causes and can sometimes signal serious illness. The treatment of hair loss should be started only when its causes are clear.

What Else Should You Know About Hair Loss Treatments?

Is it possible to stop hair loss without injections?2020-05-13T12:49:40+03:00

Yes, hair loss can be treated with a variety of oral medications and dietary supplements, but these should be prescribed by your doctor based on your condition, and the causes of the problem. Before choosing any treatment method, we strongly advise to consult your doctor.

What are the causes of hair loss?2020-05-13T12:49:18+03:00

Every hair has three growth phases – anagen, catagen and telogen. After that they naturally fall out. Therefore, we can lose 50 to 100 hairs a day from the scalp. Due to changes in our hormonal system, this natural hair loss becomes more pronounced at certain stages of our life: postpartum, menopause (due to reduction of the hormone estrogen). Such hair loss is usually self-limiting and does not require treatment.

Another group of causes are chronic diseases like diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorders, lupus or skin conditions. Hair loss can also be an individual reaction to some medications: cancer treatment, antihypertensive and heart failure drugs, antidepressants and other drugs. In this case, it is first advisable to eliminate the cause by treating the underlying conditions.

There are other harmful factors that can accelerate hair loss – smoking, excessive sun and heat exposure, alcohol consumption, frequent hair drying. Sudden hair loss can also be caused by severe emotional overload and stress.

How does Dr. Cyj hair filler work?2020-05-13T12:34:23+03:00

It is the world’s first hair filler enriched with various vitamins and peptides for hair strengthening, growth and volume. It is a great remedy for tired, breaking, slow-growing hair, as it saturates their follicles with active substances and activates blood circulation in the scalp.
For best results, 4 treatments with intervals of two weeks are usually recommended, but the course might be as well individual.

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