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KOBIDO Facial Massage for Your Youth and Beauty

An ideal way to nurture youth, reduce facial swelling and improve well-being

About the Procedure


KOBIDO face massage
Chiromassage IQ
Classic 30 minute face massage
Additional face mask

Why Choose KOBIDO Massage?

KOBIDO is a Japanese face massage designed to rejuvenate the skin and suspend the aging process. The special technique of this massage helps to improve the appearance and quality of the skin, makes the complexion smoother, reduces the bags under the eyes, prevents wrinkles and moisturises the skin by activating blood and lymphatic flow.

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What Else Should You Know about KOBIDO?

How is the KOBIDO massage performed?2020-06-03T11:07:57+03:00

Before performing the treatment, our specialist will evaluate your skin condition and main problem areas. If necessary, makeup will be removed to keep the skin clean, without any traces of cosmetics, creams or other skincare products. This massage is done by stimulating the areas of face and neck with fingertips, performing fast, strong, rhythmic movements. The technique of this massage is full of contrast – the same procedure can be very intense and extremely gentle. This way certain points are stimulated to promote skin regeneration.

How many treatments are typically recommended?2020-06-03T11:06:53+03:00

For significant esthetic results, we recommend that you schedule a course of 8 massages weekly and repeat the maintenance treatments once every 2-4 weeks.

How to prepare for KOBIDO massage?2020-06-03T11:06:05+03:00

Although our specialist will cleanse your skin from all the cosmetics on it at the time, we recommend that you come with a clean face without any makeup. KOBIDO massage is not recommended for bearded men.

What should you expect after the massage?2020-06-03T11:05:14+03:00

Immediately after the procedure you will feel relaxed and rested. After the massage, we always recommend drinking plenty of water, which helps to eliminate toxins faster and moisturizes the skin from the inside. During the KOBIDO massage course, you will notice increased firmness of the facial muscles, as well as elevated facial features and contour.

When is it not recommended to have KOBIDO massage?2020-06-03T11:04:51+03:00

KOBIDO massage is not recommended if you have had botulinum toxin injections, suffer from acne or other skin conditions and various infections.

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