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World-renowned microneedling procedure Morpheus8

Restore naturally clear skin and natural facial contours

About Morpheus8

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Forehead area
Forehead + undereyes
Full face
Face + neck
Face + neck + cleavage
Stretch marks (size of a hand)
Area above the knees
Inner thighs


Full face

Neck and cleavage


Knees and thighs

About the treatment

Morpheus8 is an FDA-approved procedure that has gained popularity worldwide and even among Hollywood stars, combining microneedling therapy with radio frequency technology to stimulate collagen production in the skin from within. It is a device that has won many international awards and the trust of the world’s biggest stars. Try the benefits of Morpheus8 for the face and body!

What should you know about Morpheus8?

Who is not the right candidate for Morpheus8?2023-10-27T17:12:43+03:00

Morpheus8 is not suitable for people with metal implants in the body, pacemakers, metal screws or plates in the procedure area. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, history of oncological diseases and certain other diseases are also contraindications for this procedure. In case of a tendency to form keloid scars, wound healing problems or circulatory disorders, this procedure will also not be performed and we will find an alternative.

The procedure will be postponed if at least 6 months have not passed after injections of superficial hyaluronic fillers, at least a couple of weeks after botulinum toxin.

During the consultation, the specialist will assess your health condition and history as well as discuss possible side effects, recommending the most suitable treatment plan according to your expectations and skin problems.

How does Morpheus8 treatment look like?2023-10-27T17:10:28+03:00

Like any other treatment, Morpheus8 first begins with an assessment of the skin condition, the client’s expectations and medical history. During a short consultation, possible side effects are discussed, the expected result, care after the procedure is explained, and a photo of the client is taken. Then the procedure area is cleaned and a local numbing cream is applied. After this cream has taken effect, the specialist will start the procedure with a special device, choosing an individual working depth of the needles for each client and chosen area. After covering the entire desired area of the procedure, the skin is smeared with a special soothing cream and the client is discharged home.

What to expect after the Morpheus8 microneedling procedure?2023-10-27T17:08:44+03:00

Swelling, redness, skin sensitivity, small bruises, visible micro-needle puncture sites, skin peeling are a normal part of the healing process after the Morpheus8 procedure. These symptoms usually go away within a few days, in rare cases up to a week. The next day after the procedure, if necessary, these signs can be masked with make-up.

What is the recommended course of Morpheus8 treatments?2023-10-27T17:07:26+03:00

The recommended minimum course of procedures is 3 visits approximately every month and a maintenance procedure every year. Each procedure improves the condition of the skin, so during the first consultation, after assessing the problem areas and the desired result, the doctor will recommend an individual treatment plan and course.

What to do after the Morpheus8 procedure?2023-10-27T17:05:52+03:00

First of all, follow all the instructions of the specialist: do not scratch, do not rub the area affected by the procedure, do not use skin scrubs, acids during healing, choose cosmetics that promote healing recommended by the specialist after the procedure. It is necessary to use SPF50 protection after the treatment, while outside, reapply every 2-3 hours. Saunas, swimming pools, open water should be avoided for at least a few days after the procedure.

Be sure to inform the specialist if you have frequent recurrences of the Herpes Simplex virus, the doctor may prescribe additional prophylactic treatment during the course of procedures.

Can Morpheus8 be combined with other aesthetic procedures?2023-10-27T17:03:35+03:00

Indeed, combined treatments are the best option for maximum results. However, attention should be paid to how to combine the procedures:

  • After botulinum injections, Morpheus8 can be performed approximately 2 weeks after the botulinum is fully absorbed.
  • About half a year should pass after injections of hyaluronic fillers in the superficial layers of the skin.
  • After injections of hyaluronic fillers in the deep layers of the skin (for example, fillers used for face contouring and injected on the bone), it should take at least a few weeks for the area of the procedure to fully heal.
  • You should wait at least 2-3 weeks after Morpheus8 procedures before performing other non-ablative skin procedures (for example, GENEO).
  • In order to perform more invasive, ablative procedures (for example, fractional laser), one should wait 6-12 weeks after the Morpheus8 procedure, depending on the depth of the procedure, the parameters used, the sensitivity of the skin and other individual factors.

During the consultation, the doctor will draw up a procedure plan and recommend the most suitable combinations for you.

What makes the Morpheus8 different from other microneedling therapy devices?2023-10-27T17:00:40+03:00

Morpheus8 is probably the world’s most famous and most widely used microneedling therapy device. The effectiveness and safety of this device has been confirmed not only by numerous scientific studies, but also by the FDA. Morpheus8 is distinguished from other devices by its individual adaptation to everyone – the adjustable depth of the needles and the choice of different tips allow this procedure to be performed on practically any area of the face or body and to solve a number of problems.

What result can be expected after Morpheus8 microneedling rejuvenation?2023-10-27T16:53:31+03:00

This procedure is perfect for solving various skin problems on the body or face:

  • Reduces fine and old wrinkles;
  • Tightens loose skin;
  • Improves the condition of the skin – it becomes brighter, smoother, its tone is uniform, pores are reduced;
  • Reduces stretch marks;
  • Reduces scars of various nature (after acne, various injuries, operations, etc.);
  • Using special tips and choosing a higher intensity of the procedure, you can also expect a decrease in fat tissue;
  • Morpheus8 can also be a useful procedure in certain cases to fight acne or acne scars.



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