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Dr. Cyj Hair Filler – the Secret to Shiny Hair

Patented composition of 7 types of peptides and hyaluronic acid for healthy hair.

PRP treatment (face)
PRP treatment (face, neck, décolleté)
PRP for hair
from 89€
Dr. Cyj hair filler
from 89€
PRP with hyaluronic acid treatment
Clear+Brilliant + PRP therapy (face)
Clear+Brilliant + PRP therapy (face and neck)
Anti-aging complex for skin

Why one experiences hair loss?

This is a fairly simple question, but one that does not have an unequivocal answer. Hair condition and shedding are inseparable from the overall health of the body. Daily stress, poor quality of sleep, lack of vitamins are the main causes of hair loss, but this symptom can also signal more serious health problems, which can first be ruled out by specialist consultations and blood tests. In any of these cases, even the best shampoo against hair loss is unlikely to help – more serious methods should be taken. It is good that modern medicine can offer more than one of them.

What you should know about hair loss and Dr. Cyj procedure?

How should Dr. Cyj filler procedures be performed?2024-04-03T11:28:14+03:00

First of all, the procedure should be performed only in licensed medical clinics and only by medical staff. It is important that before the procedure, the specialist unpacks the syringe with the filler in front of the client (Dr. Cyj fillers often come in packages of 2 syringes, so the inner package with the syringe itself should be opened in front of the client). Each syringe is marked with special product traceability stickers, one of which is left at the clinic in the client’s health book, and the other can be placed in the client’s beauty passport. Let us know if you don’t have a beauty passport yet, we will give it to you during the first procedure!

What care is needed after Dr. Cyj procedures?2024-04-03T11:25:28+03:00

Dr. Cyj hair fillers do not require any healing period or special care after the visit. 1-2 days after the procedure, the scalp may be more sensitive, you may feel a stretching sensation at the puncture site. On the same day after the visit, it is recommended not to use water or any additional cosmetics for the hair and scalp. For a few days, you should avoid touching the scalp, picking it or peeling it.

Is Dr. Cyj painful?2024-04-03T11:22:54+03:00

We know how to minimize discomfort during any injections. For this, we use the most modern and thinnest needles possible. During the Dr. Cyj procedure, the discomfort is comparable to a mosquito bite, so it is easily tolerated even by clients with a lower pain threshold.

How to find out why hair is falling out?2024-04-03T11:21:47+03:00

Consultation with doctors can help answer this question. First of all, it is important to examine the scalp itself. If no problems are found, it is recommended to carry out basic blood tests to assess the general state of the body – for hormones, main organs and microelements. Once the problem is discovered, it should be addressed first, and if all the tests are within normal limits, genetics or weather changes may be to blame. In the latter cases, hair growth-promoting injections come to the rescue.

Can it be combined with other procedures?2024-04-03T11:20:38+03:00

Yes, Dr. Cyj procedures can be combined with other scalp injections and other treatments. This method goes well with both PRP blood plasma injections and hair mesotherapy.

In what cases Dr. Cyj hair filler is not suitable?2024-04-03T11:19:09+03:00

Dr. Cyj hair filler injections are not recommended for you if:

  • there is increased sensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman;
  • you are taking anticoagulants or blood thinners;
  • you have problems with your immune system or are receiving immunotherapy;
  • less than 5 years have passed since oncological diseases;
  • the scalp is currently experiencing various rashes, skin infections, inflammations or other irritations.

Be sure to discuss your health condition and the medications you are taking with the specialist performing the procedure. The procedure is performed only on adult men or women.

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