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Double Chin Reduction Procedures

Choose the most suitable way to get rid of the annoying problem.

About the Treatment


Consultation of a plastic surgeon
Eyelid surgery
from 1400€
Protruding ear surgery
from 1100€
Double chin reduction (liposuction)
from 1500€
Tummy tuck
from 3800€
Gynecomastia surgery (for men)
from 2600€
Skin formations removal (surgical)
from 250€
Bichat fat removal
VASER Lipo body sculpting
from 3300€
from 4500€
Breast lift and augmentation with implants/fat
from 5300€
Brow lift
Lip lift

What to expect?

Double chin is a relevant problem for many people.

The causes of double chin can be various: heredity, anatomical features of the neck and chin area, posture, excess adipose tissue or – as a natural outcome of the aging process – sagging skin on the chin or neck. Therefore, double chin reduction should be well considered; the causes and individual characteristics of each case should be analyzed properly first. There are many non-invasive ways to reduce double chin (radiofrequency, cryotherapy, lipolytic injections, etc.) that help when the problem is not very severe. In other cases, clients prefer more complex, invasive procedures.

What Else Should You Know About Double Chin Reduction?

Is it possible to use the fat from my chin for lipotransfer?2021-04-29T17:24:56+03:00

Yes, the fat removed from the chin can be used to improve other parts of the body: cheeks, chin or lips. If the procedure is performed with VASER LIPO, the extracted fat can also be used successfully.

Is double chin reduction permanent?2021-04-29T17:24:35+03:00

The results depend not only on the chosen method of treatment, but also on lifestyle, dietary habits as well as natural aging processes. Thus, although the results are usually long-term, in order to further prolong their duration, it is important to avoid weight fluctuations, to eat healthily, to be physically active, and in some cases, even to improve posture.

I have a double chin even though I’m not overweight. Would liposuction help me?2021-04-29T17:24:12+03:00

Sometimes the chin appears double not only due to “stubborn” fat deposits, but also due to platysmal diastasis, low position of the submandibular tissues, or an unexpressed lower jaw. Each case is individual, and therefore the methods of chin reduction are selected individually. For some, liposuction is perfect, for others, less invasive methods like injections will work.

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