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Chiromassage IQ – the Secret of Your Beauty

A great choice for reducing puffiness, restoring facial features and improving skin condition.

About the Procedure


KOBIDO face massage
Chiromassage IQ
Classic 30 minute face massage
Additional face mask

Why Choose Chiromassage IQ?

Chiromassage IQ is a special facial, head and neck massage that combines classic and oriental massage techniques, kinesiology and the basics of chiropractic. This massage technique is mainly used for reducing swelling, restoring the features of the face, activating the blood circulation and lymphatic system as well as improving the general condition of the skin.

REVU Klinika chiromasazas

What Should You Know about Chiromassage IQ?

How to prepare for this massage?2020-06-03T11:04:26+03:00

Although our specialist will cleanse your skin from all the cosmetics on it at the time, we recommend that you come with a clean face without any makeup.

How is the Chiromassage IQ performed?2020-06-03T11:03:59+03:00

Before performing the treatment, our specialist will evaluate your skin condition and main problem areas. If necessary, makeup will be removed to keep the skin clean, without any traces of cosmetics, creams or other skincare products. This massage technique is characterized by an abundance of movements that are intertwined with unique connecting elements. This massage is not subject to a strict sequence of movements, so each procedure is unique and tailor-made for each client.

How many massage treatments are recommended?2020-06-03T11:03:19+03:00

To achieve significant esthetic results we recommend that you schedule a course of 4-8 procedures per week and repeat the maintenance treatments.

What should you expect after the massage?2020-06-03T11:02:45+03:00

Immediately after the procedure you will feel relaxed and stress free. After the massage, we always recommend drinking plenty of water, which helps to eliminate toxins faster and moisturizes the skin from the inside.

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