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Lip Augmentation – a Dream Procedure for Women

A minimally invasive procedure for fuller, plumper and moisturized lips.

About the Procedure


Lip augmentation (doctor)
0.5 ml
from 179€
Lip augmentation (doctor)
1 ml
from 249€
Lip augmentation (expert doctor*)
0.5 ml
from 300€
Lip augmentation (expert doctor*)
1 ml
from 350€
The final cost of the procedure depends on the product used and its quantity.
*Expert doctor has more than 5 years of experience in the field.

More about lip augmentation?

Non surgical lip augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure for those who want plumper, moisturised, more expressive and nicely shaped lips. Such lips are associated with youth and beauty. Lip injections are also helpful for correcting lip asymmetry and for hiding defects. The most popular lip augmentation procedure is hyaluronic acid injections.

What Else Should You Know About Lip Injections?

Can I combine hyaluronic fillers with other procedures?2020-04-27T12:59:38+03:00

Hyaluronic fillers can be combined with other rejuvenating treatments but some sort of sequence should be considered. For example it is better to perform laser procedures first, and injections can be given once the skin has regenerated (1-2 weeks). Hyaluronic fillers and botulinum toxin can be injected during one visit as they are administered into different wrinkles and facial areas. In any case, our experienced specialists will recommend the most appropriate treatment plan and compatible procedures individually.

What might be the side effects of hyaluronic fillers?2020-04-27T12:58:25+03:00

The possibility of complications is relatively low if the procedure is performed correctly. The most common side effects are bruising and swelling. These symptoms usually disappear within hours or days. Allergic reactions are extremely rare.
More severe complications include inflammation, lumps, scarring, and even tissue necrosis. Therefore, we strongly advise to be careful and choose only licensed clinics and experienced medical specialists who will immediately recognise the risk of side effects and take all possible measures to prevent them.

How shall I know which product is the best for me?2020-04-27T12:56:53+03:00

First of all, our medical specialist will thoroughly assess your state and expectations, and, based on your individual characteristics, skin and wrinkle type, will determine the treatment method and product that is best for you. Be sure to alert your doctor to allergies and illnesses you may have as well as medications you are taking.

Who cannot get hyaluronic fillers?2020-04-27T12:55:41+03:00

Hyaluronic fillers are contraindicated for those who have blood diseases and some other chronic conditions, blood clotting problems, who are allergic to painkillers, also to those who are on blood thinning medicines. It is also advisable to suspend the procedure if you have high blood pressure and if there is inflammation or rash at the treatment area. The procedure is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

What regime should I follow after the treatment?2020-04-27T12:54:22+03:00

You may return to daily activities immediately after the procedure, still, we strongly advise not to rub or massage the treated area. Also, avoid exposing yourself to extreme temperature changes for at least 2 weeks and use sunscreen (SPF 50) during the summer. Avoid make-up, do not consume alcohol and do not exercise intensely 2-3 days after the procedure. Local swelling, minor bruising, redness and slight pain are common after the injections, they usually disappear within hours or days.

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