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Sports Massage – Salvation for Athletes

Ideal for manual workers, professional athletes and sporty people.

About the Procedure


Therapeutic body massage
around 60 min.
Therapeutic back massage
around 30 min.
Sports massage
Anti-cellulite massage

What Are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a therapeutic massage for various types of athletes, whether professional or amateur, or for people doing physical work.

What Should You Know about Sports Massage?

How is sports massage performed?2020-06-02T13:06:40+03:00

The intensity and technique of each procedure are selected individually for each client, taking into account the areas of the body under the greatest stress. Elements of various massage techniques are applied during the treatment, individually tailored to each client. It is a strong massage that causes friction, tension, pressure, stretching or, conversely, relaxation in certain muscle groups. This massage technique is unique in that it aims to prevent injuries, improve athletic performance and help recover more quickly after heavy physical exertion or injury.

How to prepare for this massage?2020-06-02T13:06:13+03:00

Drink plenty of water before and especially after the massage. This removes toxins from the body faster, promotes cell regeneration and ensures well-being.

What to expect after a sports massage?2020-06-02T13:05:43+03:00

During the course of treatments, greater elasticity of muscles, flexibility of the body, and improvement of body shape are achieved. After the massage you will become relaxed, you will feel energy increase and less fatigue. Although the above are the main benefits of a sports massage, it can also be psychologically beneficial – you will relax, unwind from the daily stress and worries, all of which influence your athletic performance and overall quality of life.

When is sports massage not recommended?2020-06-02T13:05:20+03:00

Sports massage is not performed for pregnant women and patients with skin or infectious diseases, rashes, and cases of cancer.
You should also inform your practitioner if you have diabetes, experience problems with your circulatory system and are taking medicines to thin your blood. In these cases a massage can be performed, but this information will ensure your safety.

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