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A revolutionary, the first non-invasive muscle sculpting and strengthening and body shaping device based on HIFEM + RF in Lithuania.


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EMSCULPT treatment for 1 area
EMSCULPT NEO treatment for 1 area

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EMSCULPT NEO – the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

A non-invasive high-end device that works on both muscle and adipose tissue at the same time. Perfect body shape without effort, downtime, surgery and injections!

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What Else Should You Know About EMSCULPT NEO?

Am I a suitable candidate?2021-09-09T14:28:51+03:00

This procedure is beneficial for people of various body types. For slim or athletic people, this device increases muscle mass, emphasises body shapes, highlights areas of the body where it is difficult to achieve good results.

For those who have more adipose tissue, EMSCULPT NEO could not only strengthen muscles but also reduce fat layer and highlight waistline.

Women after childbirth are also perfect candidates for EMSCULPT NEO as it helps to reduce adipose tissue on the abdomen and tone the abdominal wall muscles. It has also been shown in clinical trials to reliably reduce diastasis recti.

What muscles can I tone with EMSCULPT NEO?2021-09-09T14:30:46+03:00

This device can be used to tone all the muscles of the abs, buttocks as well as calf, thigh and arm muscles.

Do I have to prepare for the procedure?2021-09-09T14:33:10+03:00

The EMSCULPT NEO procedure does not require any special preparation. It is recommended to drink more water before and after the treatment. Also, do not forget to wear comfortable clothes during your visit.

What does the procedure feel like?2020-06-01T13:29:24+03:00

Before the procedure, you will discuss your health and possible contraindications with our physician. After that you will be asked to set aside all electronic devices and remove all metal objects, including clothing with metal parts. Each procedure takes 20-30 minutes, during which you will feel strong muscle contractions. After the procedure, you may feel muscle fatigue, as if after an intense workout. During the procedure, the device periodically changes muscle stimulation to muscle massage therefore minimizing the accumulation of lactic acid and the possibility of muscle pain.

How many procedures will I need?2021-09-09T14:36:47+03:00

The duration of one procedure is 20-30 minutes. To achieve excellent, long-lasting results, 4 EMSCULPT NEO procedures are required every 5-7 days. Our specialist will recommend you an individual plan, taking into account your expectations, body characteristics and other factors.

How shall I feel after the procedures and how fast shall I see the results?2021-09-09T14:35:34+03:00

During the first days after the procedure, the sensations may be similar to those after an intense workout, but you will hardly feel any muscle pain, as EMSCULPT NEO’s unique massage technique induces immediate removal of lactic acid. You might notice the first results immediately, but as the muscle thickens and strengthens and the number of muscle fibers increases, you will feel the full effectiveness of the procedures after about 2 to 8 weeks. After that, the results will only improve for a few more weeks. Individual results may depend on your age, health status, diet and other factors.

How long do results last?2020-06-01T13:26:47+03:00

As always, the results depend on the individual characteristics of the body, lifestyle and diet. However, for many patients, toned muscles and reduced fat layer persist even after a year!

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