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Highly Effective Biologique Recherche Treatments

Biologique Recherche is world renowned cosmetics of high quality and extreme effectiveness.

About Biologique Recherche cosmetics


Individually selected treatment
45 min
Individually selected treatment
90 min
Booster VIP O2
90 min
The intensity of the procedure is selected by the specialist according to the skin condition.
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Why choose Biologique Recherche?

REVÙ CLINIC is an official Biologique Recherche cosmetics provider, therefore, you can not only access the world renowned high quality products, but also enjoy a variety of authentic treatments using these skincare products.

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What else should you know about Biologique Recherche?

How is Biologique Recherche different from other cosmetics?2020-04-27T10:52:54+03:00

Biologique Recherche develops unique products which are enriched with active ingredients (20-80 percent), while other widely available cosmetic products only have the concentrations of 5-20 percent of active substances.

How to choose the proper skincare product?2020-04-27T10:51:26+03:00

Since Biologique Recherche cosmetics contain high concentrations of active ingredients, only well-trained cosmetology professionals can choose the right product for each skin type to solve individual skin problems. Register for a free 15-minute consultation and we will choose the right products for a long-lasting healing and rejuvenating effect!

What Biologique Recherche treatments can be done at REVÙ CLINIC?2020-04-27T10:49:36+03:00

Exfoliant P50 cleansing and anti-wrinkle treatment with A.H.A acids.
Masque aux A.H.A cleansing-rejuvenating treatment with A.H.A acids.
Biologique Recherche highly effective under-eye treatment.
Biomagic – treatment with anti-wrinkle, lifting effects.
Biosensible – treatment for sensitive skin.
LIFT C.V.S cleansing – lifting, anti-wrinkle treatment.
Booster VIP O2 – oxygen-enriched procedure to remove signs of polluted environment.
Erythros – treatment for red skin with signs of rosacea.
PIGM – treatment for pigmentation fading.

How is the treatment performed?2020-04-27T10:47:53+03:00

All treatments begin with skin diagnostics and evaluation of underlying individual problems. This is followed by the preparation phase as the skin is thoroughly cleansed with a special milk and lotion using relaxing massage movements. Then the care phase starts with highly concentrated and individually selected products being massaged into the skin.

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