Group and Individual Training with a Physiotherapist

Long-term solution to health problems ensuring well-being.

Who is Recommended to Train with a Physiotherapist?

For people of all ages suffering from pain, illness, trauma, or wanting to correct posture, delay aging, lose weight. Also for those who want more physical activity, want to get stronger, but don’t know where to start. It is worth consulting a physiotherapist also in case of pain or discomfort in leisure or professional sports.

Physiotherapists deal with a variety of health problems caused by injuries, acute and chronic illnesses, aging processes. Therefore, it is worth visiting this specialist even though nothing yet hurts.


Initial consultation with a physiotherapist
Individual training with a physiotherapist
Individual training with a physiotherapist (x8)
Save 10%
Group training with a physiotherapist (2-6 people)
Group training with a physiotherapist (x8)
Save 10%

What Happens During Training?

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that uses physical methods to treat various pathologies.

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