Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation

Shorter healing period after surgery, possibility to return to normal life faster.

Prepare for Surgery and Recover Faster

When non-invasive trauma treatment methods do not produce long-lasting results, surgical treatment often becomes inevitable. Although the results of this method appear relatively quickly and are long lasting, research recommends that a patient would prepare for such intervention accordingly.
Our clinic’s practitioners will explain to you the essence of the surgery, develop an individualized treatment plan, and help you prepare for this intervention physically as well as psychologically.


Initial consultation with a physiotherapist
Individual training with a physiotherapist
Individual training with a physiotherapist (x8)
Save 10%
Group training with a physiotherapist (2-6 people)
Group training with a physiotherapist (x8)
Save 10%

What Happens During Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation?

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that uses physical methods to treat various pathologies.

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