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Vacuum Massage for an Even More Beautiful Body

For cellulite reduction, smoother skin, better blood circulation, cleansing of toxins

About the Procedure


Classic massage
60 min.
Therapeutic body massage
60 min.
Therapeutic back massage
40 min.
Sports massage
Vacuum massage
Anti-cellulite massage

What Are the Benefits of a Vacuum Massage?

Vacuum massage is a non-invasive procedure for the treatment of cellulite and restoration of body shape. This procedure helps to remove excess fat from the problem areas, reduce cellulite and smooth the skin.

What Should You Know about Vacuum Massage?

What results can be expected?2020-06-02T15:02:05+03:00

During the course of the treatments you can expect a smoother and firmer skin, a reduction of volume in problem areas. For long-term results, it is very important to combine procedures with a healthy diet and physical activity as vacuum massage is not suitable for weight loss. For best results, it is recommended to take a course of 5-10 treatments approximately twice a week.

When is this procedure not recommended?2020-06-02T15:01:41+03:00

Vacuum massage is not recommended in the cases of pregnancy, skin conditions, menstruation, low blood pressure, dilated veins, or venous thrombosis.

How to prepare for a vacuum massage?2020-06-02T15:01:18+03:00

It is recommended to drink plenty of water before and especially after the procedure. This helps the body eliminate toxins faster, promotes cellular regeneration and ensures well-being.

How is vacuum massage performed?2020-06-02T14:59:03+03:00

The visit begins with a brief consultation with a specialist where the problem areas are evaluated and the expected outcome, recommended course of procedures, and the possibility of combining vacuum massage with other treatments are discussed. The specialist will then ask you to undress and lie down on the massage table. The device tips are then put on the problem areas and the procedure is started.

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